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Pallet Bolt

The track bolt can also be called the plow bolt, which is mostly used in the railway system. Requires strength and high tensile strength for safety. The surface of these bolts made of alloy steel is galvanized, black oxide and flat. Track bolts, called rail anchor and threaded bolts, are preferred to connect rail chairs, steel rails, rail joints. Rail bolts are different from rail sections. The length and diameter of the track bolts can be controlled according to railway standards. Track bolt models used to connect track shoes to the connection group are produced in hexagonal head designs.

Pallet Bolt Prices

The diameter and length of the pallet bolt can be different depending on the area of ​​use. These features also come to the fore in price determinations. The unit price is determined according to these features. According to the number, the general gross total is obtained. These bolts, which are sold with their nut, can be used during the manufacturing and repair phases. In general, these products, which are very difficult to break and shatter, have different prices for pallet bolts. Bolts give a strong strength to the material they are used. Therefore, its usage area is increasing day by day. It is not possible to break these bolts without removing them. Pallet bolt types can be mounted by drilling holes in the parts to be connected. Bolts are more useful than screws. The most important difference between the two is the use of bolts with nuts.

Track Bolt Specifications

Even if the track bolt comes into contact with water, it does not encounter situations such as oxidation. Bolts are generally divided into types according to head shapes, special purposes and body shapes. Depending on the usage areas, choices are made among these pallet bolt types. Hexagonal models used in joining machine parts are widely preferred in the construction industry. It is among the most used models in general. Thread parts of the bolts can be thin or thick according to their usage areas. In addition, the teeth parts of the products can be in different sizes according to their usage areas. Depending on the situation, part of the nut may be in the thread. The tightening wrench may not be used in all areas, especially when using track bolt models. In these cases, the bolts can be tightened with the Allen. In this way, the head of the bolt does not stick out.

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