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Walking Chain

The walking chain constitutes the walking system of especially tracked work machines. Chains consist of bushings, shoe pins and links. In addition, rim gears can also be defined as components on the carrier roller and idler. Models with pitch ranges ranging from 90 mm to 350 mm are offered for your demands for walking chains in this area. These chains, which are very easy to disassemble and assemble to the machine, are oily and worm-edged. It is produced with grease especially for the new generation fast walking excavator. Walking chain models that make less noise during use are also very advantageous because they provide low fuel consumption.

Walking Chain Types

In walking chain models, apart from the models offered for crawler construction machines, there are models offered as oily type, dry type, grease type, barbed, lock additional pin. These models are also known as pallet chains. Products with additional pins, shims or standard products are made with environmentally friendly biotrac oil. These chains, which are among the undercarriage elements of the construction machines, constitute an endless road and rail for the machine. The second element of the undercarriage is the elements that drive and align the chain. The links, which are the main elements of these chains, are formed by connecting the bushings and pins to each other. Pallet chains are created by mounting shoes on the links. The elements carrying the chain are chassis balance, sprockets, directional wheel system, rollers, rim gear.

Walking Chain Prices

The walking chain consists of links and provides easy disassembly and assembly. There are two main links in each chain. Another element in the formation of chains is the bushings. Thanks to the mast that moves with that, it prevents the dirt from getting in and the oil from coming out on oily pallets. There are pins between the bushings and the walking chain elements. These parts form a movable joint. It provides load transmission in the bushing and link vehicle. It is possible to encounter different walking chain prices according to the usage area and vehicle. The use of quality parts is very important for the high performance of construction equipment. With the use of high standard products in every part from the pin to the chain, it can be ensured that the machines offer higher performance and ideal efficiency.

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