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Tension Spring

Tension spring can be produced with wire diameter between 0.25 mm and 50.0 mm. It is produced in eyelet and ring-shaped models in special sizes that can meet special requirements when necessary. Technically, tension springs can be supplied in small batches according to demands. All products are offered for sale in their special packaging. The windings of these springs, which resist the pulling force, are produced adjacent to each other. Hooks on tension springs can be subject to both bending and torsion. For this reason, it is necessary to keep the tensions in the hook section at an optimum level and to give importance to the use of tension springs in this way.

Tension Spring Production

The tension spring is produced by keeping the heat treatment time and degree under control in order to provide maximum durability. In this way, quality products emerge. Productions are made in every tension level and in every size. These tension spring windings, which are resistant to tension due to their working style, are manufactured as closed. In addition to standard productions, it can be requested in productions that meet the needs one-to-one to meet special uses. Thanks to the heat treatment applied in production, the performance, life and reliability of the material are maximized. Periodic TSE calibrations of production furnaces are made in accordance with quality standards. Productions are made in ovens with air circulation. Tension spring production, which is carried out in international standards, is completed under heat treatments with meticulous work.

Tension Spring Usage Areas

Tension spring working principle is designed to resist pulling. These products, which are produced with closed windings, are manufactured by undergoing heat treatment in special conveyor ovens. Tension springs, which are used in many fields such as heavy construction machinery, automotive, spare parts, iron and steel, agriculture, financial industry, construction machinery, white goods and hardware industry, especially in the machinery industry, are produced from tempered spring steel wire material. In addition, it can be produced from patent annealed cold drawn unalloyed spring steel materials. There are designs in the form of rings or hooks in production. These models, which have a very wide usage area, can be counted among the most important and smallest parts of large machines. These are also called tension springs. These parts, which are used as spare parts in many industries, can also be used in the food and packaging machinery industries.

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