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Rim Gear

The rim gear is one of the main elements that moves the vehicle. It transfers the movement it takes to the pallets thanks to the bushings. The wear and moment of this part, which drives the pallet group, which is a chain gear system, is quite high. This part uses the planetary gear group to get motion. Basically, the rim gears provide rotational movement to the track. There are varieties used in different areas according to their design, weight and type. Attention should be paid to the quality of each part used in order for large vehicles such as construction machines to work in a more efficient system. Especially since the rim gear types provide movement, it is important to choose the most suitable models for the usage area.

Rim Gear Structure

The rim gear should be equal to one side of the bushing in terms of life. For this, it has high resistance against cracks. Its structure is made of steel with high hardness depth. In this way, it creates a good compatibility with the zodiac signs. The other part of the machine also has rim gear models. By replacing them, the life of the gears can be extended. It is found in snow / mud type parts used in plastering environments. These include standard parts. The fact that only the bottom edges of the teeth are inward allows the material between the bushing and the tooth to be ejected. These rim gear parts can be used on both oiled and dry tracks. In the working system, there is a hydraulic motor. With the motor, the shaft rotates both the planet teeth and the drum connected to it. In this way, bolts are attached to the drum. And the gears turn. This allows the pallet to move.

Rim Gear Types

Among the types of rim gears there are different models. One of them is the one-piece model. Welded or bolted rims are also used on these older machines. For their replacement, the pallet must be disassembled and reassembled. Therefore, the labor cost is high. The idle time of the machine will also be long. The multi-piece rim gear type is the most used models today. The gear part is fragmented. This is attached to the sprocket body with bolts. In case of wear, the parts are replaced in a practical way. The Sprocket model is also one piece. However, the difference between the other rim gear model is that it is lighter. The main reason for this is its larger inner diameter.

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