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Life Time Felt Sets

Life time seal kits are among the sealing elements. It is among these elements that are used to prevent leakage at the edges of the parts working with oil and moving parts in crawler walking systems. The felt kits located between the bushing and the pin prevent abrasive particles from entering between these two parts. In addition, there are elements that carry side loads. The service life of the seals is equal to the bushing-pin rotation life. During this time, it does not lose its elasticity. Steel felt sets are used on dry pallets. With such uses, the bushing-pin inner wear life increases by 30 percent. Steel varieties are also called shims.
Life Time Felt Sets Features
Steel felts, which are among the life time felt sets, are conical shaped washers. These are used in pairs. It is attached to the felt parts in the pod. During assembly, two are attached to one side, while the other two are attached to the other. Four sets of felts are used on each pin. One of these felts in the form of scales facing back to back will face the bush while the other will face the slot in the pod. Especially when creating the pallet chain, the tapered washers due to pressing will become flat. In this way, it will act as a felt. Even if the washers wear out somehow, the steel washers, which act as a felt with the spring effect, can continue to function. The life time felt set, which wears itself out, prevents the link and bush from being worn. Steel models are not used a second time. Therefore, they need to be replaced.
Life Time Felt Sets Prices
Life time felt sets are offered in different price ranges according to their usage areas. Oily pallets also prevent bushing-pin internal wear. It is designed for this. The felts used in this area prevent the penetration of abrasive particles on the inner surface of the pin-bushing. These parts, which prevent the lubricating oil from leaking out, can also absorb side loads. The seal kit models, which consist of a plastic seal and a rubber ring, are priced according to the material from which they are produced. Thrust ring made of hardened steel is also used in these areas. The felt, which is pressed on the properly machined area of ​​the bush, ensures equal force on all sides with the rubber still. Steel models will protect the felt from side loads. Models should be preferred according to the wearing parts that are compatible with the usage areas.

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