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Combine Reel

The harvester roller appears in the travel systems of the machine. It is examined in two parts as walking roller and carrier roller. The walking rollers are located on the drive train of the combine. It guides the machine. Carrier combine harvester rollers both carry and guide the vehicle. Thanks to these rollers, the combines move smoothly. There are spindle clamps in the structure of these reels. Thanks to these, these rollers, which are fixed on a support, are aligned. In this way, the efficient working system of the combine emerges. The types of harvester rollers located in different parts of the vehicle are one of the most key parts. For this reason, quality choices should be made in part replacements and the efficient working system of the vehicle should be maintained.

Combine Harvester Roller Types

The walking roller, which is one of the combine roller types, has single and double flanges on its outer surface. The body part is made of steel castings. The roller system includes bushings and shafts. These shafts act as lubrication inside the reel body. The connection of the shafts with felt on both sides and the reel is provided by roller caps. Among the combine harvester roller models, every part of which is very important, there are two parts among the features of the walking rollers. There are small pieces of soft bronchus on the inside of the bed. Another model is the carrier combine harvester roller model. The duty of these pulleys is to keep the vehicle moving smoothly. These reels also have shafts in their structure. And these shafts are connected to a support by means of a ladle.

Combine Harvester Roller Prices

Prices are different according to the types of combine harvester reels. Prices are determined according to the usage area and type. The parts inside the reel may require replacement in case of failure. In the replacement of all these parts, you can find the most suitable combine harvester roller prices. There may be tread wear on these parts. In addition, irregular wear may occur on the flange edges. Leakage tread wear from the center is also among the important faults. Ser formation on the back is also possible. When such situations are encountered, different combine harvester roller prices are offered. Appropriate part selection should be made for the replacement of defective parts that are compatible with the usage areas. In this way, it can be ensured that the vehicle maintains the same efficiency for many years. It is important to pay attention to the type and size for the selection of the best quality parts.

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