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Combine Harvester Chain

The combine chain is offered in different models. The combines have 3 chain feeders with extra capacity. Combine harvesters cut crops. Then it separates the grains. It also puts the stalks of the crops into bales. The machine has special tools for mowing, forging, blending and cleaning, respectively. These are one of the combine harvester chains which may require replacement in some cases. In these cases, chains compatible with the machines are used. Rotary blades are used first in the damage process. And the crops are cut from the bottom. The cut crops are transported to the place where the elevators are, with doner bulgur. Crops arriving in this area pass to the drum section. Straws are thrown at the back of the machine. In order for all these processes to be completed without any problems, appropriate selections should be made for combine harvester chain models.

Combine Harvester Chain Types

The combine chain can be offered in different sizes and designs. Models manufactured as a chain set include the weight and dimensions when measuring. Chains, which can be 32*32*26 cm in size, can weigh 13, 16, 24, 30, 32 kg. There are also types of combine harvester chains in the form of choke chains. In some models, it is found in products that are compatible with the area in which it will be used. The curd elevator chain is one of them. Drive chain set models are lighter. While some models are quadruple, some can be produced in the form of grain elevator chain models. In addition to chain types, parts such as chain locks, half attachments, ear locks, elevator ear locks, S55 blocks can be counted among the ones to be used in chains.

Combine Harvester Chain Prices

The combine chain is among the most important parts of the machines. They are offered for sale at different price ranges according to their usage areas, weights, sizes and types. Conduit chain kit models fall within the highest range of combine chain prices. However, these sets are available in models offered at more affordable prices according to their sizes. Kesmik elevator chains are in more affordable price ranges. As a grain, elevator chains can be in more suitable intervals. In addition, the price of a single row combine harvester chain may be more suitable for your budget in terms of cost. In these chains, you can find parts such as chain lock, half attachment, delivery lock, delivery half attachment, and with all kinds of part support, the vehicle can be provided with a more efficient working system.

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